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Adding to the existing features of Traditional BigToes, the Chameleon Shoes are unique with their colour changing sole in UV light. The Korean patented design awakens curiosity whilst creating calmness as well as excitement, therefore helping toddlers feel more comfortable in the shoes and promoting positive behaviours toward outdoor play. With this new concept, BigToes Chameleon Shoes support children's cognitive development through outdoor play and their desire to walk with Mum and Dad!

Quack quack! BigToes Chameleon Duck is the perfect shoe for any little adventurer. Like a duck to water, your toddler will love the brightness and engaging colour changing sole of white to yellow of the Chameleon Duck design. Highly durable, functional and exceptionally cute, Chameleon Duck is the perfect shoe for all occasions. 

Sizing Guide


Wearing Range

US Size


109–115 mm



116–125 mm



126–135 mm



Washing Instructions

BigToes shoes are fully machine washable to 30°C. When washing, please place shoes in a delicates bag prior to commencing the wash cycle. Do not tumble dry. Do not bleach. Do not use harsh biological chemicals. 

Note: to maintain the quality of the fabric, hand washing is recommended.

Protecting the colour change feature

We recommend that when BigToes Chameleon shoes are not being worn, they are stored in an unlit environment or cupboard, away from prolonged, direct sunlight exposure. 


External Textile: Cotton, Spandex, Rubber Yarn, Polyurethane Yarn

Outsole: TPE 100% (Tested non-toxic products)

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