A Quick Guide To Modern Cloth Nappies
At Little Bubs & Co we know how difficult and confusing it can be finding the right nappy for you'r Little Bub. There are numerous styles and sizes, so to help you decide what suits your Little Bub best we have a quick guide. 
All-In-Ones (AIO)
All-In-Ones are the easiest to use as they have all the elements included already - waterproof covers, absorbent layers and lining - just like a disposable. They are easy to use but they can take longer to dry after a wash.
Pocket Nappies
Pocket Nappies have a pocket between the waterproof cover and the lining where you insert the absorbent layer. They are great for using if your Little Bub is a heavy wetter and are easy to wash. 
Night Time Nappies
Night Time Nappies are ideal for your Little Bub if they have frequent leaks during the night. Night Time Nappies have more inserts to provide a greater amount of absorbency. 
Generally the sizes of Modern Cloth Nappies are either Newborn (normally 0-3 months) and then One Size fits all. Nappies will come with elastic sides which allow for adjustment to fit your Little Bub comfortably.

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